Monday, April 18, 2011

Max on Life: Q and A with Lucado

There are few books that are based solely on answering the questions of others, but in Max on Live Max Lucado does just that. Max directly answers 169 questions he has received from those he ministers and readers of his prior works. Some questions are given very brief answers while others have very well thoughtout answers, yet each is rooted in scriptural references.

This book offers something for both the believer and non-believers. I found the first 30 or so questions very good for helping the non-believer or new Christian in the early phases of learning the whys and hows of following Christ. As the book progresses it discusses deeper questions like how to know the will of God, why does a good God allow bad things, and how do you save a failing marriage. Max also addresses controversial topics in Christian circles like going to hospital to anoint the sick with oils, being filled with the Holy Spirit and specifics on what heaven is like.

Max concludes this book with a special section at the end addressing christian writers. As the author of numerous books, his advice on writing will be a special treasure to many aspiring authors.

This book contains all of the typical Lucado verbage that makes his books such easy reads. It is filled with biblical truths and definately worth reading. It is not one of my favorites in part because it does not flow as seamlessly as most of Lucado's books. This is likely due to the various questions covering so many topics. Although the book is divided within sections, the topics within each section are extensive. Overall it's another Max Lucado book that I've found beneficial and full of wisdom.