Monday, August 1, 2011

It’s Not About Me

I’ve enjoyed many of Max Lucado’ books and It’s Not About Me was no exception. Max does an exceptional job at reminding the reader of the real meaning of life. His approach is not condescending but motivating. He encouraged you to find the purpose in each day and move towards using your gifting and talents for God’s purposes. The book is an easy read. The writing style is typical Lucado genius full of wonderful stories to help bring the concepts to life. I found myself highlighting throughout each chapter as key phrases seemed to leap from the pages as life-changing tidbits.

This book is one that is best read alone with a bible close by. Many of the bible references do not give the full scripture point and I found myself wanting to look up the full verse. It’s Not About Me is a book that I feel would be difficult to do as a group bible study but excellent for the Christian ready to move into a deeper understanding of their purpose and calling. It is filled with wonderful wisdom and insight. It’s Not About Me is wonderful resource that I’m sure I will be reading more than once.