Friday, September 30, 2011

Grace Seekers

After much debate I have finally decided to join the blogosphere. The debate was never if I wanted to share, but rather if in the middle of all the chaos of each day if there would be time to pen my thoughts into a post. As much as I pray the words of my future posts will bring you into a place of greater peace and grace, my sincere hope is that the time spent penning them will abate the hunger and thirst I have for more of His grace. You see I’m quite an imperfect vessel and I need a lot of grace.

Some of you may understand what I mean, but for those who do not let me further elaborate. I am who I am and do the things I do not because of my strength, but because of His strength despite my weaknesses. Daily I arise fully aware that my day is dependent on finding His grace. If He does not show up, I will likely fall flat on my face. No cheering, no accolades, no rewards needed; all I want is more of His grace because I’ve found it to be the key to really living.

So instead of worrying about how I’m going to pay this bill or how I’m going to accomplish this or that impossible task today, I choose to seek. Like a missile designed to seek heat, I focus my thoughts on the Light that will be a lamp to guide my day. I focus my thoughts on the Truth, which will lead me in all righteousness. I focus my thoughts on the One who stands at the door of my heart knocking, awaiting me to be still and know.

In those moments I don’t have to be strong, because He is strong. In those moments I don’t need to have all the answers, because He has all the answers. In those moments I don’t have to perform, because He says “It is finished.” All that is required of me is to seek Him, the grace giver. So today I welcome you on this new journey with me. An imperfect journey taken by imperfect people in need of the perfect work of grace. A journey to share the realities of living a life built upon a foundation of grace. A journey to daily seek and find the grace to live free. Will you join me and become one of my fellow grace seekers?

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV

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