Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Belles of Georgia

I love the Christmas season! Christmas light lined streets, crisp cool nights, the smell of pine filling the house and crayon circled toys in every store catalog; what's not to love about a holiday filled with the spirit of love and giving. One of the best parts for me has always been the songs, movies and books focused on the Christmas season. Below is an excerpt from a new collection of Christmas stories that beautifully combine faith with fiction.
First scene in Nick’s Christmas Carol, a novella by Rose Allen McCauley in Christmas Belles of Georgia

Nick Powers parked his battered four-wheel-drive truck by the curb in front of the law firm of Brockman and Davis. His mind had been racing faster than a greased pig at the county fair since he’d received Mr. Brockman’s registered letter—the letter whose contents had rocked his world.
            Exiting the truck, he pointed a finger at his collie perched atop some feed sacks in the truck bed. “Stay, Shep.”
            A thump of the dog’s tail told him the canine had heard and would obey. Pretty bad when a dog was one of the few you could trust these days.
            He entered the lawyer’s office and touched the brim of his hat in greeting. “Hey there, Beverly. I’ve got an appointment with Mr. Brockman at four o’clock.”
            The woman checked her computer then looked up over her glasses. “Sure thing, Nick. He’ll be with you soon.”
“Thanks.” Seating himself, he checked his watch. Ten minutes to four. The toe of his right boot kept time to the ticking of the clock on the wall.
            A flash of pink caught his eye through the glass-paned front door. Who could that be? Nobody around here would be caught dead in a pink vehicle.
            A few toe-taps later, a slender brunette breezed through the door, her pink skirt swishing with every high-heeled step she took. She wasn’t from around here, but something about her jogged his brain cells.
            Swooshing past him, she stood in front of the secretary’s desk. A manicured finger toyed with a pearl necklace. “I know I don’t have an appointment, but I have to see Mr. Brockman right away.”
            “I’m sorry, miss, but he has a four o’clock appointment, and it’s his last one for the day. Let me see if I can fit you in on Monday.” She flipped a page. “Sorry. Tuesday is the earliest he could see you since Monday is Labor Day.”
            The girl shook her head, swinging her sleek brown hair with golden streaks from side to side. “That won’t do at all. I have to be back in Atlanta for my classes on Tuesday.”
            Mr. Brockman stepped through his door. Nick began to rise.
            The lawyer frowned then glanced at the secretary. “Is there a problem, Ms. Dailey?”
            “No sir. I was just explaining to this lady that—”
            The stunning stranger rushed toward the lawyer. “I know I don’t have an appointment, but I have to see you. I’m Carol Peterson, and…” She waved a wrinkled envelope in her left hand. “I won’t be able to sleep a wink until I find out what this letter from you means.”    
The lawyer raised his eyebrows. “This is highly unexpected, Miss Peterson, but I will see you for five minutes before my next appointment.” He stepped back from the door, motioning her to enter ahead of him.
            With a short nod toward Nick, the lawyer followed then closed the door.
            Nick glanced at Beverly who shrugged her shoulders. He looked back at the door. Something about the woman, now so unsure of herself, reminded him of…
His breath whooshed out. It couldn’t be. Not the rich kid who made my life miserable that long ago summer. She always did play to get her way. Whatever it took.

To read more about Nick and Miss Peterson you can purchase Christmas Belles of Georgia on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.  With a purchase this week you get a free copy  e-cookbook Novel Morsels, visit Rose's blog at for details.


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