Sunday, March 25, 2012

Will you feed your faith or your fears?

There comes a time when your faith and trust meet up against your doubts and fears. It is at that time you decide who you will become. There is a choice to be made. Will you feed your faith or feed your fears? Which table will you choose to sit at?

At one table God has laid out countless promises in His word. The buffet of blessings is abundant but this table requires an understanding of adoption. You can't come in as a guest, but rather you must pull up a chair as a son. To fully experience the unlimited possibilities available at this table you must come in faith, trusting the one who has called you to pull up a chair. He is inviting you to feast, not to merely be a bystander watching others get fed.

At the other table is comfort and a false feeling of safety. This table is surrounded by the familiar. There may not be much selection, but at least you know what to expect. At this table you don't have to wonder if you will be welcome because it is one you have encamped around for years. The pull attached to the table carries the weight of a ball and chain. You will be fed at this table but from a position of lack and striving. This table will always leave you wanting more.

Why spend another moment hungry at the wrong table? The buffet has been spread out for you at the table of  promises and blessings. Why don't you pull up a chair? Feed your faith and starve your fears until they no longer have the power to limit you.

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  1. Right on Saundra! God's love is so crazy-wild abundant and free and we can have it for the choosing. Blows my mind.