Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Win the King's Heart

The Kings Christmas List is a wonderful story to remind both young and old the true reason for the season. The story unfolds with a special invitation inside of young Emma’s mailbox. This invitation is to the King’s birthday party. Emma gathers her favorite things to bring to the King but along the way she encounters numerous strangers in need. Emma’s giving and unselfish heart leads her to giving away her special possessions. But what she gains is so much better; she gains the heart of the King. Her actions embody the true meaning of Christmas and the reason we celebrates Christ’s birthday with presents. Gift giving is not just a holiday obligation, but a matter of the heart that fulfills the King's desire to have each and every one of us be a blessing to others.

The story is one that is appropriate for children 5 and up. The concept and wording may be difficult for younger children to understand. It is the type of story that can best be used as a tool to encourage discussion after reading it to your children. The pictures are beautiful and imaginative. The story unfolds in a way that holds a child’s attention throughout the book. The last pages of the book include website information for different world wide charity organizations that families can consider donating too. This book is a wonderful way to introduce these organizations to school aged children in a way that will lead to a lifestyle of giving.

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