Friday, September 10, 2010

Out Live Your Life

Max Lucado has penned another exceptional book. Out Live Your Life reminds us that we are each an extension of the hands of Jesus and have the ability to affect the lives of others. Lucado incorporates vivid examples and word imagery to emphasize how even small seemingly insignificant actions can lead to a chain of events that brings glory to God. You will no longer be able to look at your life as a finite amount of time spent on Earth, but rather as an infinite continuum that overflows the boundaries of time.

I always enjoy Max Lucado’s works and this book was no exception. It includes a prayer to conclude each chapter as well as discussion questions at the end of the book. It encouraged me to look beyond myself and towards the endless opportunities to be a blessing to others. It reminded me that everyone has value in God’s eyes and that I personally have a responsibility to reach out to those in need. This book is one for all ages. Whether you are a recent college graduate trying to find yourself or a middle aged adult looking back over your life, this book shows us we can all out live our life as we give back into the lives of others.

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