Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Boy Who Changed the World

This children’s story by Andy Andrews teaches kids to be mindful of their actions because everything that they do good or bad matters. Through the lives of Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, George Washington Carver, and Moses Carver; we learn that our actions affect the lives of others and ultimately can change the world.

The Boy Who Changed the World is a wonderful story to read you your kids and would be an excellent way to foster family discussion. This story is one that would be best suited for children in kindergarten to third grade age group. It should read out loud due to the advanced level of reading comprehension that is required to help put the pieces together to see how the lives intertwine. The length of the story is a little long for the short attention span of the toddler/pre-school age group but my four year old loved the pictures.

One drawback I see is that the story is gender specific throughout the book until the last page when it states “You can be the kid who changes the world.”. It may not be well received if you are the parents of only daughters who may not be able to relate to the male characters each of which has a love for nature/plants. The illustrations are wonderfully done and the large colorful pages make it a great book for group reading in a classroom setting, as it stresses the importance of learning.

This is a book I look forward to reading more than once with my sons as they grow and are better able to understand that they too have the ability within to change the world.

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  1. This book has the important lesson that each of us is important. I think it is a great way to tell your children that they can be and are important. The story closes by telling children that they can be the kid who changes the world. It would be a fantastic birthday gift, because it reinforces the importance of the individual who is reading it.