Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a gift book based on the precept that every choice we make now has a future effect on the world around us. The book is a little over one hundred pages of beautiful vivid pictures that bring to life the stories of Joshua Chamberlain, Norman Borlaug, Mary Washington and others. These names may mean nothing to you at this time, but Andrews does a wonderful job introducing these individuals to us. Throughout the book he dissects the intricate details of how their past actions have and are currently affecting our lives today. It is amazing to think that one seemingly insignificant act done at a moment in time can forever change the course of history.

I am a fan of Andrew’s past work The Noticer. Since this is the second book I have read by Andrew’s it’s hard not to compare the two books, however it is an unfair comparison. The Butterfly Effect lacks the creative narrative that I feel Andrews has become known for producing. The storylines are confusing at times and the shift from Chamberlain to Borlaug did not have a smooth transition. I liked the overall message Andrew’s discusses within the book and believe that it is a good read. As a gift book, I think it is best suited as a gift to a gentleman since most of the photos are of object that would appeal to men. It would be a great book to have on display in doctors offices or other places where someone would have a 15-20 minute wait, as this is all the time that is needed to finish the book in it’s entirety.

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