Sunday, September 5, 2010

God is Faithful

Rarely am I moved by fiction the way I have been moved by the characters in Kim Cash Tate’s Faithful. Cydney, Dana, and Phyllis quickly become women you care about and want to see God’s best for as you watch each deal with personal battles. Cydney’s the single one looking for Mr. Right while dealing with the yearnings of her own sexuality. Dana is the girlfriend with the perfect like that suddenly has to watch her picture of perfection shatter before her eyes. And Phyllis is the mother of four who is struggling to keep her passion alive for her non-believing husband. These three girlfriends undergo a transformation as their faith is test. Their lives intersect at the cross and their shared relationship with Jesus.

Through Kim’s gifted storytelling multiple complex life questions are addressed such as: What do you cling to when it seems like God is not answering your prayers. Does it really matter if we follow the bible’s instructions? Is it necessary to be committed to God in today’s culture? This book is much more than chick-lit or romance. It is based on bible truths and presented in a way that can change your life, your marriage and your relationship with God. The author even includes questions for self-reflection at the end, which was an awesome way to internalize the message she delivers.

I enjoyed every moment from the tears that fell as my heart broke for Dana to the shouts of praise as God worked within the hearts of those who had been far from him. God is Faithful and will move within the pages of this novel into the hearts of every reader.

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